If I think back to my childhood I was one of those kids that could never sit down. It was all about the adventure and learning how far I could push my physical, mental and mothers boundaries… Not much has changed there! At school the only lesson that I enjoyed was Physical Education, which reflected in my top of the year grade scoring!


 After completing 4 years further education in Sports & Exercise Science I decided I wanted to see more of the world and joined the Army (2006). I had the goal of  joining the prestigious Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). A lengthy selection & training process has to be undertaken to earn your badge (12 months). In short I achieved my goal and finished top candidate in both phases of training.


At this point in my life I was on top of the world, but to be totally honest it was all about ME! This is when a lot happened in my life that totally changed my outlook, not just professionally, but personally also. I decided to change career paths within the RAPTC to become an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor. I was fortunate enough to conduct training at Headley Court Defence Rehabilitation Centre, where blast amputees from foreign conflicts, sports injuries, neurological injuries and a whole range of other conditions were treated. It was here that I learnt it is not all about me! For 6 years I worked amongst some of the best practitioners in the country running 3-week spine, lower limb and upper limb rehabilitation courses at 4 amazing rehabilitation units.


I believe the modern day personal trainer/coach should be more than just someone who turns up and gives a good workout. I’m not denying that it’s part of the job, however self-development is not only physical, it’s mental as well. I’ve created the LWF philosophy so that my clients, create a better understanding, not only of their body, but also their mind. I love to empower others. It’s really not just a day job for me, it’s a passion!


  • Strength & Conditioning BSc (Hons) degree – 1st Class
  • Royal Army Physical Training Corp Instructor – Class 1
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor – Distinction
  • HND Sport & Exercise Science – Distinction
  • Foundation Degree Sport Health and Fitness – Distinction
  • STA Swim Teacher
  • British Triathlon Foundation Coaching – Level 2


  • Royal Army Physical Training Instructor Course Class 1 – Finished Top Candidate
  • Army Physical Training Instructor Course Class 3 – Finished Top Candidate
  • Army Basic Training – Top Student for Physical Training
  • Represented Great Britain in Triathlon
  • Trekked solo in the Nepalese Himalayas
  • Part of small team conducting a sexual health project in Kenya
  • Worked at orphanage in Nepal for earthquake victims
  • Part of Inter-Service Record Holders for Lands End to John O’Groates Cycling
  • Captained Army Duathlon Team to Inter-Service Victory
  • 1st in Army 10-mile Steeplechase
  • Boxing Record – 11 Wins 2 Losses


  • 9 Years as a PT
  • 8 Years as a Physcial Training Instructor in the British Army
  • 6 Years as an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor, managing courses for injured servicemen/women, patients ranging from SAS personnel, UK athletes, blast amputees and common sports injuries
  • Ex-Strength & Conditioning Coach for Largest Triathlon Club in the United Kingdom


After a car accident in September I’ve suffered every day with upper and lower back pain and after 10 sessions of physio at £770 it hadn’t helped. I attended Steve’s back care class and came out pain free for the first time since September.


Flexibility Flow class tonight – not Pilates, not Yoga, not Mindfulness …. something in-between. Really enjoyable. Stephen was a great teacher, obviously very experienced and knowledgeable and super friendly too.


All classes are different with an endless number of quality exercise in each session, carried out in a lovely studio. I am very very much looking forward in my ongoing development in Stephen’s capable hands. 


First time of doing any stretching in 25 years and I feel like this is going to be brilliant!


Although a superb trainer, you can pick up so much more, mainly due to his ultra positive outlook which has certainly made me a better person as well as being confident in achieving what I have set out to do with the Loch Ness Marathon. 


Was made to feel very welcome and thought Stephen was a great teacher I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I went home feeling very relaxed but also feeling like I had stretched out muscles I never use or even knew I had.


A lovely space with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I didn’t realise I would sweat or use muscles as much, whilst de-stressing and feeling really relaxed.


I found the classes at Lone Wolf Fitness the best I’ve been to. Also after hurting my back, Stephen’s advice and guidance during one to one sessions set me on the road to recovery.


Steve is very knowledgeable & has a fantastic attitude – positive and inspiring!! I can’t recommend him enough, the app is brilliant too.




Durham Road,
United Kingdom.